Ocean Generation

Ocean Generation was our first charity partner and it was their film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ that firmly put the plight of plastic pollution on the global agenda. Their goal is to see the ocean freed from human threats within a generation, with young people being the catalyst for change. Using film and popular culture, they aim to engage people positively in the vital role the ocean plays in supporting our world.

Their work is not only about making people aware of the threats to our oceans and the vital role they play but also about enabling behavioural change. Their educational change programmes help individuals, in the community and in industry, think about and reconsider the way they use and value plastic. They do this by turning ocean science into understandable and practical tools that people everywhere can use in their daily lives.

Over the three years we have worked with Plastic Oceans our donations have helped to fund both types of projects; those that drive awareness and those that enable behavioural change.